1. We meet and discuss what services you need for your project. We discuss dates & times, safety, legalities, paperwork and pricing. It sounds like a lot, but we’re prepared and it is painless. We work together as a team to get your project going and accomplished safely. Safety is our primary concern.

2. Next, Florida ProFly visits your project location and creates a flight risk and mitigation plan. We make sure there are no unknown’s before we plan to fly. We take everything into consideration: location, power lines, magnetic interference, birds, weather, etc. We plan out your location for safe flying by choosing a safe flying spot, an emergency landing area, obtaining FAA authorizations, etc. There’s nothing You have to do, we handle everything.

3. The third step is to fly one of our drones over your site and use it to capture images and data. Then, we take everything back to our office and process what we have collected. You receive the products you chose at our initial meeting. It might be inspection or documentation photographs, a 2D orthomosaic map, thermal images or an assortment with some extracted data and measurements thrown in… there is so much to choose from and offer you, your business and/or your customers. You can always add on to what you initially asked for if you find you want or need more from your project.


Your final products are accessible 24/7 for review, annotation, collaboration with your colleagues, viewable on multiple devices, and downloadable — All via our password protected Custom Florida ProFly Data Platform. 

4. Call us again for your next project! Please spread the word that we fly safe, we are heavily insured, and we are FAA Certified Pilots, VO’s, and SA’s. Here at Florida ProFly, we take pride in our flying and in our work. Your satisfaction with the results of our drone work, privacy and safety are our primary concerns.





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